Success of the PC CARES training-of-trainers model detailed in International Journal of Circumpolar Health

The International Journal of Circumpolar Health recently published a paper detailing the application of the PC CARES training-of-trainers model to community-based, Alaska Native-led suicide prevention. You can read more below:

Promoting Community Conversations About Research to End Suicide: learning and behavioural outcomes of a training-of-trainers model to facilitate grassroots community health education to address Indigenous youth suicide prevention

What is the science behind PC CARES?

Combining health education and community mobilization, PC CARES is built on a transactional-ecological framework that emphasizes community and cultural protective factors in Alaska Native communities, and the multiple, interacting conditions of suicide. PC CARES extends typical suicide prevention initiatives beyond the traditional gatekeeper model and the bounds of formal clinical encounter to empower individuals, families, and communities to drive change at the local level.

The text below links to a peer-reviewed article detailing the development, theoretical foundations, and structured learning of PC CARES:

Creating a Community of Practice to Prevent Suicide Through Multiple Channels: Describing the Theoretical Foundations and Structured Learning of PC CARES