PC CARES Annual Training of Facilitators

Training details

From 2019-2022, a “cohort” of 5 Bering Strait villages and 4 Maniilaq service area villages will be invited to participate each year. The first implementation group in the Bering Strait Region fall 2019 includes Savoonga, Gambell, Shishmaref, Brevig Mission and Teller. Kawerak Inc. will be supporting a PC CARES team in Nome in the first cohort. The first villages in the Maniilaq service area to participate will be determined based on interest and capacity to support the program.

To attend this fall training, one must live in these communities and commit to recruiting for, advertising, and hosting five learning circles with a facilitation team in his or her community. Facilitation teams will have support from project staff and their fellow facilitators in the region.

Registration for this training has closed. If you are interested in joining the next cohort of villages implementing PC CARES in fall 2020, email Tara Schmidt at pccares@umich.edu.


Hums 250: Developing leadership for suicide prevention in rural communities

The project will sponsor 3 free HUMS 250 credits through the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which count for credit for students seeking a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

More details will be provided soon. For more information about the course, email Diane McEachern at dmmceachern@alaska.edu.